[Reported] Gear screen giving misleading info

PS4 User

When you go to your gear vault hero inventory screen and look at your abilities it tells you what the equipped bonus is, which is accurate. But the “when equipped” bonus is only showing the accurate bonus if the item you’re looking at isn’t equipped. If it is equipped, like in this example Dreamhold Touch’s cover ability, its saying when equipped +10% bonus, when the Dreamhold gloves are already equipped in the first place and is responsible for giving me the 5% bonus. With no other gear that I’m wearing at the moment or citadel bonus adding anymore Cover. This can lead to confusion as despite the bonus working correctly at 5%, the player now thinks they have 10%. I’ve seen this with the new Dragonking Axe for example with a friend of mine thinking it should be doing more damage, but its actually just the inventory screen showing double the bonus that the Dragonking axe is actually giving him, causing him to be upset at not receiving the axe’s entire bonus, a bonus that never existed in the first place.

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True, I got really confused at the beginning due to this, until I realized the issue described above.