Request: Is It Possible to Display A Full Gear Score Calculation?

On the player’s players loadout screen, several components of the gear score calculation are displayed:


However, the three gear categories displayed on the loadout dashboard do not add up to the player’s total gear score. 205 + 639 + 370 = 1214.

The fourth gear category that is currently missing is the gear score attributable to the player’s current spell loadout. In this case, the missing amount is 205 (an unusual coincidence to my current weapon rating).

Is it possible for a fourth element, reflecting the player’s spell gear score, to be added to the loadout dashboard?

Spell levels effect gear score.

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Well… yes? That’s the whole point of my post.

And now, I’ve gone and manually recalculated each of the gear score numbers and something else appears to be wrong.

205 matches my weapon… check.
639 is the sum of the 6 armor pieces with the helm icon… check.
370 is the sum of the 4 accessory pieces… check.

Ok, so what about the shield. Ignoring my spell loadout, I’m off by 205 points. My shield has 214 block on it, which factors into the calculation somehow. Changing it out for a level 1 shield with 115 block lowers my gear score by 125 points.

And there are four spells, all of which definitely affect gear score as well. So, it’s definitely not a straight addition function.

I’m puzzled. How is gear score calculated?

Pretty sure they never intended for people to try to raise their gear score with exact math, similar to how raising PvP score in Gems of War is also irrelevant.

Gear score doesn’t do much in PQ3. It is nearly irrelevant given that even level 50 legends would still take 100% extra damage on max difficulty (though, level 100 mythics are likely possible).

Currently the only use I have seen for gear score in PQ3 is the same that it does in GoW, in that it determines matchmaking in casual PvP to give the player higher level opponents. This results in more exp per hour in PQ3, actually giving a benefit for doing so.

I still run the game with 200-500 gear score and haven’t found a single piece of content asides from casual PvP (the quick match infinite one), where gear score ends up mattering. Max difficulty runs of dungeons, 1st place in every PvP tournament, and completing the storyline with all 5 characters is possible without ever getting above a 500 gear score.

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Right now… as you noted in your 0.34 follower video and I agree with you on that.

And you know as well as anyone that this is 100,000% not working as intended and is going to be fixed sooner or later, likely with the Great Rebalance that is coming. Being able to do what you are demonstrating in your videos circumvents almost every system in the game. Surely, the devs know this as well. Salty strongly alluded to that in her last PQ stream.

Although it is likely not the crux of combat related things, I’m pretty darn sure that gear score is supposed to play a very major factor . Else, as you correctly point out, why bother leveling up anything?

We’ll have to see what the cards have to say for 0.35 and beyond, once the gear score issue is resolved.

Not sure if that is the case. To this day Gems of War can still run all pieces of content with Mang + 3 ultra rares or lower.

There is almost no rebalance asides from P2W gear score requirements for a bunch of different modes that would drastically change how things are done now in PQ3.

However, doing that in GoW would be a bit like pulling teeth - why play then? The fun is in a variety of different builds and I am sure that will be the case here too. There is already quite the divergence between PvP builds that can kill in the first round (intended or not) which cannot go anywhere in skirmish or dungeon. As events roll out (whatever that includes) I am sure this gap widens and different builds will be important to enjoy the game and accomplish anything at any speed. As overpowered as Mang can be in GoW - I have not used it in over a year I think cause it is just dull (of course personal opinion).