Request: Add a Goal Counter to PVP

I’m not sure if it has been brought up here yet.

With all of the goals now in PvP it is cumbersome to track the progress of goals.

Is it possible to add a live counter to the PVP screen to show the status of each goal?
At a bare minimum, add a turn counter.


100% agree, it would help a lot.

Totally agree.

And also may I ask a stupid question?

What’s the max % extra you can get from each fight?

And what do you need to do that exactly in order to get this? Thx

70% is the probable max. The “Turns Taken” and “Match 9+ Gems” bonuses are pretty much mutually exclusive.

Here is the bonus list:
You also get up to 10% each for health, armor, and resistance.

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Thanks a lot. Ok my next question is then, probably stunning or dispelling the opponent is a must to get more points rather than killing them in turn 1-2? Or if you are strong enough you can achieve above in 1-2 turns?

Or let me ask, lets say you had a very long fight and achieved all of the above but you did not have much armor or life left at the end of the game, would you get more points than killing someone in turn 2 without losing any armor etc? Thx

Winning with 70% is slow, really slow. It is also very difficult to do with most classes and is counter intuitive to “beating” your opponent. Gear loadouts that supply all of the gem creation, survival, etc. are key to pulling this off.

This is an example of a good turn. You just need 5-10 more similar to this to get full marks.

6 matches (need a cascade to get a heroic, but likely)
2 rows
2 columns
2 Match-9+


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Killing someone in turn 2 will give around 40%. Killing someone within 14 turns with all the goals but 0 armor, resistance and 1 health gives also 40%. So as long as you are able to have some armor, resistance and health by the time you finish the fight you get more points getting all the goals rather than winning fast.