The Gear Screen is a Horrible Mess

Sorry, but whatever be the other good things in the 1.3 update, I have to say this first . The gear screen is a Horrible Mess. The old one was so very easy and ‘practical.’


I need to give it some time to use it before making a proper post but all I can think of so far is that this is Puzzle Quest 3’s equivalent of the Windows 8 release. A redesign that wasn’t asked for, wasn’t wanted and is also non-intuitive so you can’t even adapt to it.

I had enough problems organising things using their names and now I have to recognise and organise by 100’s of icons. Ugh

EDIT: The rest of the update seems great, It’s just the inventory that isn’t.


The grid view in inventory is horrible. Maybe the developers know what gear is by looking at it, but us mere mortals need to see the name. Maybe have a toggle so users can decide which view they want to use?


Dear developers. We can see our character on the home screen. We can see them during battles.


We. Don’t. Need. To. See. Them. Taking. Up. One. Third. Of. The. Inventory. Screen.

What you have done to truly obfuscate all useful information at a glance and waste precious screen space could truly be the straw that breaks the camels back for me. It is UNUSABLE.


The recent update is truly awful especially when it comes to viewing your equipment. It’s so bad I don’t even want to play the game anymore.


New gear management is totally unpractical.
We need ergonomic design at first. Some nice looking graphical design is second step.
For your design you used the wrong questions about what are people doing when managing so many different gear type and variations. And with each new season we get more to be managed.


Hello Devs,

THank you very much for your hard work, but sometimes good intentions are not enough. The UI is horrible for everything except for the Followers which remained pretty much untouched unless you go to upgrade.

Please roll back the UI changes to exactlly how each appeared before the update.

The game is unplayable this way - a struggle. Put the text back please. I don’t even know what I’m looking at anymore. Tiny cosmic glowy icons everywhere. Give us back the old format and the TEXT without having to randomly click everywhere to see what is going on in inventory and equipped gear, spells, etc.



please :pleading_face:


I second this idea:
“Maybe have a toggle so users can decide which view they want to use?”

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It is very annoying when you cannot see the item name and spell rarity when savaging items. I almost accidentally savaged my gears and spells.

Also, I usually upgrade my gears from uncommon to common just to trade shards. Now I have to scroll from lv 45 to lv 5 each time and it is very painful. Please change the upgrade back or allow us to toggle.