[Not a bug] Citadel block chance

Cant see if this has been reported, when looking at my block chance in a battle it seems that the block chance i have updgaded in citadel are not getting added to my hero in battle. On ps5, has any1 else noticed this

Citadel block% increases your block stat from the shield. For example, I have a lvl 50 shield that gives 495 block and a +25% citadel block. Therefore, my block stat is 495 x 1.25 = 619. The block stat is the number shown beneath the shield icon in the stat screen (to the right of damage, armor and resistance). This number divided by 10 will be the base block chance and block damage reduction, to which the effects of “guard” and “solid” attributes will be added to get the block chance and reduction numbers you can see in your gear Defense Stats screen.


Thats overthinked but u may of got the wrong understanding of my problem that ive tested. For example gaurd shield starts with extra 30% block chance. If my block chance in citadel is upgraded to extra 20% i use to start battle with 50% block chance. Now i dont as citadel %not getting included

I may have not explained myself correctly. I was explaining all that to tell that citadel bonus block won’t appear in battle, because it is applied before battle to your block stat so it has already been included both in your base block chance and block damage reduction shown in battle. Here you have how it works with an example:

-First, you have to take your shield’s block. In my case, it is 495

-Then, apply the citadel bonus to the previous block. In my case the citadel bonus is 25%, so 495 x 1.25 = 619

-That number divided by 10 will be the base block chance and block damage reduction (in my case 619 / 10 = 61,9%). To that you will have to add the the bonuses from “guard” and “solid” attributes. In my case I have no “guard” attributes, so the block chance remains 61,9%, and I get +24% damage reduction from solid attributes, so the final reduction gets 80% (max cap).

-Finally, during battle your gear and set bonus extra block chance will be added, in my case +10%


my brain not made for this much maths lol. Il have a look when next on… all i know is that my block chance has reduced and ive not changed anything with gear and attributes. I appreciate ur time and help. Il try add some pics on my end when i next play

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I honestly had no idea this was broken. But according to the devs themselves in the last Patch Notes they posted, under known issues, they claim it is…

Citadel Block bonus not applying in battles

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I remember I read something about it, but as I have shown above it is working perfectly fine for me. Just try the same, add the citadel block bonus to your shield’s block. If the result is your loadout’s block, then it will be working for you too.

I never read that far down. Glad its something they aware of

Maybe its a playstation thing as we seem to get all the bugs. Possibly like adventure affecting random people

Whenever you can, can you tell me your current shield’s block value, your citadel block bonus, and your block stat (the number below the shield icon in the stat screen)? I am curious to see.

For me at least the number appearing on screen appears to be (visually) correct. But I don’t know if that number is actually being used or not, since the devs have said its not working. I can only guess if it is or not, you know?

I just tested block damage reduction, it works. Since this stat takes citadel block bonus into account… Well, now I would like to know why the devs say it is not applying.

Another test. In 100 hits I got 53 blocks with a 51,8% block chance. Without citadel block bonus it would be 41,4%. The sample may not be high enough to ensure significant conclusions, but together with the previous block damage reduction test it suggests that citadel bonus is applying correctly.

Jeto, now it may not be the best moment since you will probably be very busy with more pressing issues. But when those are fixed I would like to know what is exactly the citadel block issue mentioned in the update notes. No hurries since it seems to work properly, but I would like to shed some light into this enigma (no mystery should be left unsolved!). Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok so ive sat down and gone through all my details and attributes. As iv read ur explanation and looked at my gear it makes sense. Only thing i can think of is i may of rerolled one of my mythics and lost some thing that gives me block chance. I allways had it 80% and all of the sudden ive dropped

I remember resetting citadel as i had to many points in block. So even with only 7% in citadel i was getting 80% . Guess il need to reset citadel again. Easier and cheaper than rerolling gear lol. Thanks. Now to see if i can close this case as i know they got alot going on at moment or do they close it?

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You can leave the post open, since there is that known issue about citadel block in the update notes I believe it is interesting to have this around to see if players are having issues with this and what is that citadel block issue listed in the update notes. The devs will decide what to do with it.

I’m still not sure why block is under ice magic.

Block had to be somewhere. And surely you’ve heard of a “block of ice” before.

Block chance just needs to be removed from the Known Issues article, after I had reported this to the team they checked and confirmed your Citadel block chance is already included in the battle stat screen. This is not a bug, just forgot it was still in the notes - but I do not see where this screenshot @Taf420 has provided is from as it is not in this article:

So it may have just been a carry over from an old patch notes we forgot to update.

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The screenshot from Taf420 comes from Update 2.4 notes Known issues.