Citadel Upgrades need better explanations

The Citadel Upgrades need tooltips or help or something.

Power is reasonably self explanatory and I could work out by myself but,
All starting mana % I needed to ask to check it is a % of the equipped spells. I was guessing that but wasn’t sure.
and Extra Damage Bonus is just plain confusing? I assume it is for Skulls and Spell damage but I don’t actually know. Also what exactly is the 0.2% added to?

I tried asking on Discord and got a long answer from Sibelious (thanks again) but even the person who seems to know the most about this game isn’t 100% sure how it works, Sibelious is just giving their best guess. That is unfortunately a fail from the game developer when no one knows exactly how an option in the Citadel works when it is such a major part of the endgame.

EDIT: Elite Damage Bonus. Is this Spells and Skulls or just Skull damage?

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