Actual effect of citadel's starting mana?

One of the offensive bonus provided by citadel is “starting mana”, which add 1% to all starting mana per point. But I never see any actual effect.

What’s the function of this bonus?

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I might be wrong, but based on gear bonuses, this would give a 1% of mana for all of your spells at the start of any battle. For example, I start all battles with 6/100 mana in every spell instead of 0/100 because of bonuses from my gear.

But it didn’t give me any starting mana. Seems it won’t work by itself, or it’s a bug?
Is it tied to gears that provide starting mana?

No clue. Ask in global chat, maybe someone who already has citadel might be able to answer. My level is too low for citadel.

Starting mana bug wasn’t fixed in most recent patch. The citadel starting mana does nothing currently.

They also didn’t nerf Bone Ring, that is nearly runic mace level of overpowered. It allows starting all mana pools at full at rare.

They somehow nerfed homering cause now it only work in turn 1 and before was working in every turn so u could keep your starting skulls and kill all enemies and on next fight u had mama refiled