[Reported] No 80% limit on pvp defence spells

Played many pvps today after the update and several times the defenders minion spells were fully loaded at the start of the match


Indeed. I like challenges, but this may be a bit too much…


Just playing PvP’s and popped on to here to report the same thing. Now up to my 3rd opponent with at least 1 spell full (if not both) when starting the battle.


Also, the preview screen doesn’t show starting mana from citadel:


Same complaint. If there is a limit of 80% to player’s spells, that SHOULD be applied everywhere. Hope the necessary correction will be made soon.


Once again I really hope a correction is made at the earliest, since it’s now 100% impossible for any player to win against a starting board if both spells are filled.

I am not finding fault with the players, but only with the system. Now more players may start using this strategy and the fun of the PvP part of the game will be lost.

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There is equipment that increases mana. Like the Bone Ring, Night Wand and the set bonus 2 pieces from Dragonguard.

This means you can achieve fully charged spells even with a starting mana cap of 80%.

I know all of that, lol. But you can’t. What this post is talking about is the defensive two spells of the pets.

The 80% cap is not only on the starting mana, but also on the mana spells start with. So if players can never start battles with spells above 80% filled, PvP opponents shouldn’t either. This is a serious issue I hope they fix as fast as possible.


I sure love getting tentacle slapped for 50,000 instakill damage on the opponent’s first turn.

I’d say it’s hilarious how there are these dumb issues every patch but the novelty has well and truly long, long, loooooooong worn off :roll_eyes:

Wasn’t it put in the notes from the Devs earlier this month about this mode “being someone’s baby/obsession” or something or other? If this is their idea of that, then they need a serious wake up call letting something like this through, where is the play testing??

Following this up, this morning!
The team is looking into it, as this is definitely not intended.

Also asked about this one, as I thought it would call out Citadel specifically, but those bonuses are already included in your stats already

Several defender’s gear traits were not working in PvP before the change. The ones I mentioned are probably part of it. There has not yet been a mana cap on round 2 of combat, when it is the defender’s turn.

I just wanted to point that out.

Im only concerned with round1 starting with full spells. I guess i could maybe survive if i reset my citadel and poured everything into redistance then reset again for the kingdom dragon… for the low low cost if only 600 gems a day :yum:

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Hi @Kafka , can we get an early 'correction ', on this ? Or should we wait till 2.4 ?

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Hey, we have a fix for this in update 2.4.
We’re unable to push it out earlier unfortunately.

Isn’t 2.4 going to be 1.5 - 2 months away? There isn’t a 2.3.1 as a bug fix?

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Thanks for the info. Sadly, they aren’t good news at all, I believe this is too serious of an issue to suffer for so long until fixed :worried:

I just hope players don’t try to abuse this, or PvPs will become a nightmare.

Already happening, unfortunately.

One of the 5k score assassins shifted into a build that is clearly abusing this. Looks completely innocent on the outside of battle, but on the inside you’re looking at ~95k incoming Turn 1 spell damage before the AI even touches the game board for the first time.

Also have personally witnessed a paladin pulling off a similar feat yesterday as well.

Multiple PvP defense spells are so cheap that it is easy to carry them to 100% starting mana with the 80% cap not in place via flat starting mana bonuses from gear and set bonuses. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Exactly as @HigureTheStillWind said. Too, too long a gap. If more and more players start using this tactic, a lot of the fun element from PvP will get lost. One can only hope 2.4 is brought in earlier than the usual two months gap.

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