[REPORTED] Savior shield with lightpact broken?

Platform, device and operation system

PC via bluestacks

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Per the text of the perk, I expect to “gain some yellow mana at the start of a battle or dungeon.” In this specific case, 4%. 4% of what? Unclear from text, but my assumption would be 4% of the yellow spells total mana. However it is calculated, I would expect a number greater than zero mana to start.

Zero mana start is what is actually happening

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

It happens in every battle, and started immediately on first equip.

Steps to make it happen again

equip the shield, open a battle, observe the nothingness, haha

I’m starting to wonder if any of the percent based utility perks are working. But this one gives us a very obvious visual.

When I equip the shield, my utility stats do show show the 4% start. However, in battle all of my yellow spells show 0 to start

Currently all mana start percentages from gear and citadel do not work.


That’s what I figured. I’m curious as to the question of “percent of what?” Like is it a percent of starting mana, which in the absence of some flat mana start bonus is going to be multiplying by zero. I don’t have any flat mana start bonus gear to see if the percents work in that case. From your reply, I’m guessing not.

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Assuming it works like their other game, mana start percents should give that percent of the spell’s needed mana to cast rounded down.

A 100 mana cost spell at 9% should be getting 9 extra mana, 200 would get 18, 80 mana cost would get 7.

It is likely there will be no way to get 100% mana start as a percent as not all gear seems to have the ability to have the mana start perk. However, it would still be possible using both solid number and percents. Even just solid numbers can do it in the current state of the game without needing any percents. The percentages just make it more consistent once they work.

Only big issue is a good bulk of mana start is on citadel. 50% mana start is a difference of 100% power in citadel bonuses.

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