[FIXED] Dragonguard helm doesn't give mana for each color

Windows, Blue Stacks

I have a dragonguard helm, rare. It claims: Rare, give 6 start mana for each color spell equipped. It does not. It only gives you 6 per spell.

Doesn’t matter what color I use, the spells only get 6 starting mana.

It may be wording. It may give six into the spell. The staff which is supposed to give mana back for using a spell doesn’t give yellow mana for example but instead gives mana back into the spell that was cast only. In the same sense each different colored spellay get the 6 mana without that stacking. And stacking would have been my assumption, so 4 colors give 24 to each, but they seem to have worked on starting mana quite thoroughly, I don’t see any gear that is actually still useful to starting mana.

Goodness me, jt going through posts and this one is duplicated a few back by cybaru and sibelios. With some very similar musings even.

This has been fixed on the server, please restart your game

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I confirm it is FIXED. 4 different color spells get you 24 mana to start.

I await the nerf… :joy:

Problem is that in the current meta, using mixed spell colors is awful, due to how focusing on one color provides improved damage and mana income.