QoL request: reset citadel by groupings

So, I reset my citadel the other day to switch 1 from starting mana to power, and putting it back together was a complete ball-ache.

Rather than charging 300 gems for the lot (not sure why we’re charged at all if I’m honest) can we have it at 50 gems per section, and just change one section at a time? It would be so much quicker.


Citadel reseting can be pretty tedious, I agree, specially the higher your level is.


Yeah there’s definitely room for improvements when it comes to the citadel:

  1. make it easier and faster to change and

  2. allow for gear and spell loadouts to have different citadel loadouts as well, that’d be lit!


I would like to reset mine, but I don’t have that kind of time :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s been stopping me as well - added to my QoL list


Amazing, thanks. Also, would it be possible to only have to press “confirm” once, at the end of the process?

The current interface works when adding a level. Repurposing it for starting from scratch, less so, as you go through page by page.

Better might be to have a single interface page where points could be added all at once – all sections displayed, a “points left to allocate” value for each section, +/- buttons by each buff to increment/decrement along with text fields to input buff amounts by value.

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