Citadel and other Possibilities

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t like the citadel system at all, and it has nothing in common with what we know from Puzzle Quest - CotW. This is actually very unfortunate, because it clearly inhibits optional possibilities, even temporarily. Perma bonuses are only beneficial for each individual, whereas temporary bonuses could promote interaction (kingdom, group, etc.). That’s why I took the trouble to think outside the box, which is apparently frowned upon by the developers …

Enclosed is a list of terms from an absolutely different game system, which all interested players are welcome to think about. I personally would be very happy to read one or the other opinion:

Gold Mine
Potion Store
Fruit Shop
Pet Spawner
Guild House
King’s Castle

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, but it’s beyond the scope (and my time) of this post.

Nevertheless I thank you in advance for your interest.

That’s because of the original design of the Citadel has not changed in all-but-2 years since the beginning of the live game at the start of open beta.

Problem with that, though, is that the game has massively changed since then and the Citadel (I think?) is the last remaining system that is still in its original 0.34 form.

The original idea, I believe, was that the Citadel upgrades was meant to provide an artificial rarity tier boost for the player’s gear to match the continuing power increase of enemies upwards to level 95 (100 is still in placeholder status to this day, IMO, hence the 10k gear score “requirement”), while giving the player a reason to grind XP forever in pursuit of this goal. That said, the system while ok on paper is clunky and awkward in reality and the player can never really get enough Citadel points to get anywhere near that goal because of the steepness of the XP exponential curve (+Smart gear does not address this issue in a significant way, which is very disappointing, but that’s the topic for another post → short answer on this is that is better to just farm high level Archive Skirmishes with your main build on your primary character than to build a high-rarity +Smart set of gear and farm lower difficulties; M45 needed to be minimally “worth it”, which is too steep currently).

Personal Citadel needs to stay, but a revamp is badly needed. Game has changed too much.

Guild-level Citadels need to be a thing, though. GoW did something like this in its early days, but abandoned the concept later on. Guilds badly need additional perks above and beyond being just an additional store.

Solid list.

Given that it looks like that we might only be getting 1 new follower to upgrade per full Season, there’s a lot of room for these upgrades to appear in a guild-level Citadel. Hope something like this happens in the near to mid-term future.