How do you get information on the citadel

I’ve tried to use the help guide but it just crashes. I’m trying to understand what the offense and defense of the numbers how it benefits my character and if it benefits my followers. I feel like a dunce having to ask but I just don’t understand what it does or means. My citadel is at 50+18 does that mean level 68?

Switch you probably know more about it than most I think. You got a smart head for this stuff.

I would guess @KenpoKid69 or @HigureTheStillWind could explain this pretty well or provide a guide and resources for it.

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Once you hit level 50, characters stop leveling up. Instead, the “citadel” gets the XP. 50(18) means a level 50 hero and then 18 levels on your citadel.

The citadel provides buffs for all of your level-50 heroes. (Whether or not you’re still playing with more than one after the battle scrolls made it way too expensive to level up any but the main one.)

Each time your citadel levels up, you get to add a very small % to one of those citadel buffs, and then that buff will be applied to all your heroes. It cycles through the buff ‘sets’, 7 of them I think, so you’re forced to spread the buff points around.

You get one free ‘reset’ of points, after that it’s 300 gems to reset the points.

Buffs should be fairly self-explanatory … the one confusing one is the “healing bonus” stat. That actually improves the amount of ‘healing’ you get from any spell or effect that restores armor, resistance or vitality. So it’s more useful than its name suggests.

To decide where to spend points, think about where you’re struggling, and pick a buff to help alleviate that weaknesses. The effect is minor for each point, but they do – over a long time – add up.

Which buffs are most useful will depend on what hero, spells and gear you’re using, so there’s really no “right” answer about where to spend the points.


When it gets to citadel levels, each point is how many level-ups you’ve used (starting mana, power etc.). These points are granted to all of your L50 heroes.

So, 50+18 means you’ve added 18 power-ups to your L50 heroes. Any sub-50 heroes you have won’t enjoy these, but once they reach L50 they will also hove the boost to starting mana, power etc.

I don’t know what (if anything) these add to your hero level, which is something else - that’s the main number you see next to your individual hero, which is based on loadout.


Thank you all for taking the time to explain! I hear what you are saying about it being board with the game I’ve been unpacking stuff and came across morrowind, one of my favorites. As soon as I get situated I think I’ll start playing that again. I got about 119 days left on this game. I don’t think I’ll ever pay again. I got so many tickets and low level keys it will take forever to use them up. Though one thing I do like is you make more gold than before. Again thank you.