Citadel Reset Feature

After having the Citadel for a few days, I noticed PQ3 is missing a feature that PQ1/2 had. There is currently no way to respec the citadel.

Something like 1 free respec with each subsequent one being 300 gems each, with something like a 1 month timer per free respec (mostly to discourage people from respecing literally every pvp week shift).

This is important for quite a few things like:

  • Each class would require a different set of citadel levels for optimal use. The game encourages and rewards the player to play all 5 classes, but the citadel system has no way to shift when wanting to use a different class for a while.

  • Any time there is rebalance changes it could drastically change which citadel levels are optimal.

  • Current balance on citadel perks are pretty bad, with some seemingly not even working properly. Currently no way to undo them.

  • Player obtaining specific legendary or mythic gear could potentially shift how they want to build their citadel.

  • The time to level citadel at level 100+ is going to be high enough that once a build is currently committed, there is really no way to shift it in a timely manner without a reset option.


Bumping this as a reminder based on comments in the live stream that this was one of the earliest feedback requests and obviously so.

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Don’t want to muddy the water with a tangent here but here I go anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In addition to a reset system for the citadel, I’d like to see multiple loadouts we could save, similar to how gear/spell loadouts work.

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