Citadel Reset Feature

After having the Citadel for a few days, I noticed PQ3 is missing a feature that PQ1/2 had. There is currently no way to respec the citadel.

Something like 1 free respec with each subsequent one being 300 gems each, with something like a 1 month timer per free respec (mostly to discourage people from respecing literally every pvp week shift).

This is important for quite a few things like:

  • Each class would require a different set of citadel levels for optimal use. The game encourages and rewards the player to play all 5 classes, but the citadel system has no way to shift when wanting to use a different class for a while.

  • Any time there is rebalance changes it could drastically change which citadel levels are optimal.

  • Current balance on citadel perks are pretty bad, with some seemingly not even working properly. Currently no way to undo them.

  • Player obtaining specific legendary or mythic gear could potentially shift how they want to build their citadel.

  • The time to level citadel at level 100+ is going to be high enough that once a build is currently committed, there is really no way to shift it in a timely manner without a reset option.


Bumping this as a reminder based on comments in the live stream that this was one of the earliest feedback requests and obviously so.


Don’t want to muddy the water with a tangent here but here I go anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In addition to a reset system for the citadel, I’d like to see multiple loadouts we could save, similar to how gear/spell loadouts work.


no date scheduled for Citadel reset feature?

What do we want?

A Citadel Reset Feature!!

When do we want it??

NOW!! (or the soonest opportunity, please? :innocent:)


Hey all!

Just jumping in to let you know, we have added this to our feedback report!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Have the devs mentioned anything about this? Not sure if they know how dire the situation is with the lack of a citadel reset feature.

It is costing most players 100s of gems per week to not be able to reset their citadel to the current meta due to how pvp and citadel are currently set up.


Hello there!

Thank you for all your feedback on this! I got an update from the Dev Team that this is something they are looking into :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Sorry, i’m going to be very negative here. This is a poor response. This issue has been raised for almost 5 months. It’s an element that is fundamental in game design to any level-progression system. “Looking into it” should have already happened the moment the Citadel system was conceived. Also, add this to the growing number of things we have been told “they are looking into” (go back to the 1st dev stream summary for examples). This offers nothing new to the conversation and is a pity response that should be treated as such. The developers should provide an actual response that addresses when they plan to implement this. “Looking into it” suggests it’s up for consideration, much like how more and more people are “looking into” not playing the game anymore because core features around quality-of-life play are essentially absent from the game.


Yep! This.

When did games become matters of national security, like we are all on some “need to know” thing? If there is a plan, a roadmap, just tell us. You don’t have to put dates on it. Something like, next update this, following update that. Just some sort of information that means anything, would be nice.

I am personally very tired of the “Soon we may think about thinking about some things, that some people have been concerned about. We are looking into making changes to change some things. Soon some of these changes will address the things we are thinking about, that are of concern.” Sheesh! I can honestly say that I have literally sat through depositions with less “non answers.”

It’s a game. We desperately want to love it. Help us out here!


Nothing else needs to be said but this.

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I wonder how much of the speed is lockdown and home office oriented. Home office has reduced productivity for many folk. When the kitas also closed and I tried to work in the middle of my toddlers I have to say, my progress was sluggish. And haven’t they been in some ridiculously long lockdowns in Australia?

Just saying, maybe they are not only not effectively working but also effectively not working.

Coding a points reset is pretty basic. The more likely reason for the delay is that they havent decided how they want to monetize or price it yet, most likely through a gem expense. They could put out the feature with a basic cost, but we all know how loathe they are to introduce something and then “take it away”. Given the additional time they have had to put into re-engineering the game, it continues to push back what would otherwise be a very simple implementation.

There, I just solved their inability to communicate facts as well.

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