Talent trees instead of citadel

Hello everyone, it’s me again! :yum:
After a trip to the NieR-Xover-Universe, I’m happy to say that after a long time I’ve come into contact with real talent trees again - very cool, as you’ve been used to from so many non-plus-ultra games.

And after remembering a post about having a separate citadel for each hero/class (OUTSTANDING!, I hope she or he reads this post too), I would absolutely be in favor of definitely doing away with the citadel that applies to all classes at once. As soon as you decide to play another class permanently, you can’t avoid the reset in most cases and that is an absolutely flawed design.

That’s why I plead for a citadel for every single hero, so that even the skilling within a class can be different from female to male or the inclusion of well thought out, class valid talent trees (yes, I can help with that, but it’s not wanted), so that everyone can create their favorite character with earned talent points.


Nice idea, but dividing the current one point/level up between 8 classes would slow down advancement considerably. Maybe one point per hero per level up?
One point per 100 battle with that particular class?
It must be considered carefully or it will be a dissatisfaction or a disaster…

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I thought about an own experience pool for every class / hero. Furthermore already received citadel points could be spend in a tree you like most e.g. (maybe with substracting the XPs). But if you have the urge to play all classes / heroes as well and there is no XP value left it has to be built up with playing.

I’ve wanted separate citadel for each class since EA. I envisioned it as working like a loadout, not like dividing up citadel points between heroes.

So, for example, if you are citadel 100 and have 7 “finished” heroes, they would EACH be citadel 100 with their own spec.


It’s great to hear that you had a positive experience with talent trees in the NieR-Xover-Universe! It’s always satisfying to have a sense of progression and customization in games.

Regarding the separate citadel for each hero/class, I can see how that would be a popular feature for players who want more control over their character development. Having unique talent trees for each hero could also add more diversity and depth to the gameplay.

However, implementing this feature could be challenging for game developers, as it would require a significant amount of resources to create and balance individual talent trees for each hero. It’s also important to consider how this feature could impact the game’s economy and overall balance.