Can we have a companion mobile app for console?

I play on PS4, and I’m about to go away for a couple of days. This means that I’m going to miss out on the daily hop/bazaar items, and not be able to help my kingdom out in KD (I’m getting around 8-15m depending on RNG), so they’ll probably drop a few levels.

PC & mobile players are able to play anywhere, is there something in the works that will allow us to do the same? Even if it’s just for the kingdom stuff - KD & bazaar - then that would be a big help.

@Jeto say yes.

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Ps remote play is ur best option at moment if u got good internet away from home, few in our kingdom done that, think sony licensing has something that prevents us from being able to use mobile pq3 app


+1 for Remote Play.

I’ve never missed a day thanks to it. Crappy wifi from Premier Inns or even my 4G phone on EE can handle it. Take your Dualshock (or Dualsense), connect via Bluetooth and you’re good to go. Or a Playstation Portal if you have one.

With that said, I’d still much prefer a dedicated tablet/phone app as the mechanics of PQ3 lends itself better to touchscreen controls.


Does remote play work for PS4?