Multi-platform progression/crossplay?

I probably already know the answer considering 505 Games is involved…

But this game (and games like Gems of War) need to have cross-platform progression and a unified playerbase regardless of platform.

Do we know if this has been discussed at all yet? 100% not interested in playing on phone, and games like Gems of War are far less compelling on console with the multiplayer component when the playerbases are split.

Massive fan of the original PQ games. Enjoyed Gems of War till the patches for console got super far behind, and eventually the fact that the platforms were segregated sucked the rest of the life out of the game (and games like it) for me and mine.

Only thing we know for sure is PC/Mobile being connected together like how Gems of War is.

That’s unfortunate.

Anything “Like Gems of War” is not the direction we need to go.

  • months behind on updates on console
  • completely segregated experience
    Would be better if they just committed to not releasing on console at all.

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Hey all,

As I had replied to @PittaMan who had asked this on our socials, I thought I would share my response here too in case anyone else had similar questions.

At this stage the team is investigating what options we have when it comes to cross play, as well as seeing if it is viable or suitable for Puzzle Quest 3.

But I do not have further information on this, at this stage.

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