I have iPhone Envy…

I am an iPhone user and loooooong time PQ/Gems supporter who has been excited about this game since it’s announcement. But even though I had access to the beta, I couldn’t take advantage because it’s not currently on iPhone. Does anybody have any idea when it will hit the Apple market?

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From this past week’s mini-patch notes:

Might not be too much longer for iOS, as it appears to be the next platform that is going to receive official support.

Thanks for the info.

Please keep this on topic and related to the iphone release. Posts that aren’t related will be removed.

Hey Salty! Long time no see!! Nice to see you are still diligent as ever! :joy: Don’t let Vangor get away with anything lol. To ensure this post doesn’t get deleted… has there been any progress on the iPhone front? I am still tapping my foot impatiently waiting to play… :disappointed:

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Evening, wondering the same, any updates on the iOS front?

So… has the iPhone been forgotten as a platform? :frowning:

Where do we stand now? Any update? Anything?

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Lol we both know that I get absolutely no leeway whatsoever…

In my experience, waiting for answers from i+2 is futile. That said, this seems like a question that could easily be answered…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hey everyone!

Puzzle Quest 3 is still going through its technical test on iOS devices in select areas.

This is still the case as we want to make sure PQ3 is working optimally before release it to other areas. Once we are happy with Puzzle Quest 3’s performance on iOS we’ll start releasing it to a wider region and when that is happening we will let you all know! :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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What about making it work optimally on Android? :grimacing:

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Thanks for the info!

Just my two cents but, dropping us “Apple Heads” a line, every once and a while and letting us know where you stand, even BEFORE the official “This is where we stand…” will keep us happy, informed, and ready to install your product, as opposed to the opposite of those three! :wink:

Any update? Wasn’t PQ3 supposed to be fully released before the end of 2021?

No I havented I’m sure it will perhaps when it s ready for prime time.