Info about Puzzle Quest 3

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Info about PQ3

  1. For now, PQ3 is only available for Android devices as an Early Access app.
    “Early Access” means Puzzle Quest 3 is in open beta and currently still in development. Players get early access to the game and are encouraged to provide direct feedback to the Devs so they can continue to improve the overall game experience. Feedback can be shared directly through the Google Play Store.

  2. All progress during Early Access will carry over to official release.

  3. Additional iOS support will follow later this year.

  4. Puzzle Quest 3 will be available on mobile and PC this year, with more platforms to be announced soon.

  5. Puzzle Quest 3 will officially launch on mobile and PC later in 2021.
    (items 3 to 5 sound repetitive, but I do not know if items 3 and 4 will be Early Access or not.)

:link: Links

Official Game Guides:
Bug Reports: PQ3 is still a Beta version, so glitches and crashes can be expected, and they can be reported on
Support Website:

:gear: Recommended Specs

During the Google Play Early Access, the recommend minimum specs for any Android device are:
Android Version: 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above
RAM: At least 2GB or more
Support for OpenGL ES3.0

:robot: No Android Device?

Bluestacks is an Android Emulator for Windows and macOS.

GenyMotion is an Android emulation for Linux.