How to update to version 0.35.1

Play on pc by bluestacks,cant update to 0.35.1please help

I also use Bluestacks. I went to the Google Play Store, searched for Puzzle Quest 3, and selected update. After that, I relaunched Puzzle Quest 3, and it downloaded about 400MB of data and updated to the latest version.

thx, i try on Play Store

They don’t support for bluestacks.

You want to open your blue stacks, then choose game center, then choose google play to open the google play store. Then search puzzle quest 3. You should see the update option. If, not, you might have to reinstall.

I do as you sugested Tresk,but on Google Play Store i cant find puzzle quest 3???I find similar puzzle games,but not 3

Deleted above screenshots as it occurred to me it showed other games and that’s likely not cool on the PQ3 board. Anyway, make sure you are searching the actual google play store and not just the bluestacks search. PQ3 will not show up in the bluestacks game search.