Game no longer available to download from Play Store

In the update today you have announced pre-registration ahead of the 1st March “launch” but did you inadvertently remove the option for existing players to download the game from the Play store?

I reinstalled Bluestacks for an update trying to fix an issue unrelated to PQ3. Went to the Play store to download PQ3 along with some other games, but get “error PQ3 cannot be downloaded”.

I manually search for the Google Play store page and instead of Install, all I get is the option to “Pre-register” and enable automatic install when it’s available - presumably 1st March.

Bluestacks 5 P64 beta, but the issue appears to be the store page rather than the device.

Seems to sum it up

Where did it go?

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They’re probably planning to relaunch the game so they took off the version we have in preparation.



Ha. I was going to redownload it (I’ve had it uninstalled since 3.7’s disappointment), and even by going to my “previously installed” apps I cannot reinstall it. GG. Anyone want to take bets on how hard the servers will crash if they hit that 500k preregistered number?

I guess this means there is a moratorium until March 1 for any CX resolutions. What a win for the CX team! The next 30 days you can just ignore everything and say “next update!”

Hey all,

Unfortunately, once the game has been uninstalled, you are then unable to redownload until we launch for World Wide. This is because Google Play does not recognise if you have previously had Puzzle Quest 3 installed and been playing in Early Access.

I understand how frustrating this is for anyone who may have uninstalled recently and are attempting to get back in prior to World Wide.

Lol, can’t wait for the spectacular mess from the server falling over on “day 1”…

There was me thinking maybe you guys were unaware of this and it was a mistake.

To know it is missing, and accept that as the way forward for 3 more weeks…


Just do what I do and don’t uninstall.

At least not until the Steam release. Having the game basically slow down to a snail’s pace randomly mid-battle is real bad.