Android - Installation/Reinstall Issue [RESOLVED]

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to make a quick post!

Currently, the team is investigating an issue for some Android users who have uninstalled and attempting to reinstall Puzzle Quest 3 or are attempting to install for the first time and are receiving a Google Play error.

While the team is investigating what is causing this issue for some users (myself included), please avoid attempting to reinstall, especially if you are attempting to reinstall to trigger the 0.39.1 update. This is a small update that is not required to continue playing PQ3.

Currently, we do not require any further information from players, such as device and region. But thank you to everyone who jumped in yesterday to share their report!

Also to keep this issue separate from the current thread this was mentioned in, I’ll post any updates into this thread and leave the Sever thread as just a Server issue thread.

Once I have some more information, I will jump back in here and give you an update, as well as update the Known Issues article for this.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Till a fix is made. Anyone on android 12 that uninstalled and can’t reinstalled download this apk from here. Choose play now and not downlead all assets and turn auto update off in the play store for that app.

@Jeto You can now install the game and join us!. Dragon’s Peak has openings!!!

The fix is currently in-review with Android!

EDIT: Fix has just been released.
I just finished attempting a reinstall on my own device and looking good over here :sparkles:

not working for me password not recognized when asks for email to send password reset to i click but never receive instructions to my email

Worked like a charm, thank you @Jeto ! :smiley:
Our of curiosity: Can you share what the fix was?
I’ve never seen a game available in the app store but refusing to install.
Something funky in the manifest? Some corrupt resources for specific devices? I’m intrigued! :slight_smile: