Chapter 6 Live Stream

Hello everyone! I streamed Puzzle Quest 3 the other day for the first time. During it we went over a lot of the core mechanics within the game as well as completed out the entirety of chapter 6.

I’ll be streaming and covering lots of guides on PQ3 on my YouTube channel Tacet the Terror, particularly once the game comes out on Steam as it then becomes much easier to record. We also cover Gems of War daily, which is the other live service match 3 game the devs of PQ3 run.

Here is the stream for anyone who needs something to do while the servers are down:


I highly recommend watching at least the first hour or so as @Tacet goes over the core mechanics.

I’m collating the hints forum thread and I still learnt some new things, although some of Tacet’s information is already out-of-date so check out various helpful threads on the forums for the latest hard-won knowledge too!