PQ3 Current "Late Game" Live Stream

Going to be streaming Puzzle Quest 3 today at noon EST for several hours. During it we will be doing a lot of current late game stuff like:

  • Opening 3 level 100 diamond chests
  • Completing max difficulty dungeons
  • Farming dungeons up to max difficulty
  • Opening a billion chests from Khaldera Crater to try to get a blue spear with drop rates so bad that literally 0 people in the entire game is in the pvp tournament that requires the weapon this week.
  • Alt farming on low level accounts in chapter 1 dungeon and early game storyline

Stream can be found on my YouTube channel @ Tacet the Terror:

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Will be up in about 20 minutes!

Stream finished, thanks for stopping by everyone!

Next PQ3 stream will likely be whenever the first patch of early access hits.