Character Introduction: Xione

Character Introduction: Xione

Role in party: Spellcrafter

Xione is minding her own business when her idyllic afternoon is ruined. Maybe she had been busily researching deeply forbidden knowledge about necromancy, the kind that was seen as an affront to nature, but who was anyone to judge her? They didn’t know what she was planning to use it for, and it was hardly anything nefarious, she merely wanted to sate her curiosity…

“Xione, we know you’re in there!”

She had set up wards earlier, but she can see the magic starting to fail, the deep purple glow sputtering in and out of life. The Dark Elves won’t kill her, no, she’s one of their own, but there are many things worse than death and having her magic ripped away is one of them. “Open the door!”

What are her options, what are her options… Xione casts her gaze around wildly as the door shudders in its hinges.

“Xione, this is your last chance to come quietly,” a voice hisses from the other side of the door.

The tower is tall, and Elves, much like cats, have always loved reading up high. It’s a long drop outside the stained glass window, but it’s better than facing trial over her transgressions. Xione mutters a spell under her breath and hastily draws runes with what remains in an inkwell atop her boots.

The door slams open, splintering against the wall with the force. The Moonguard swarms the room, armour black as night against the silver of their blades. Xione catches a glimpse of their angry faces as she takes a deep breath… and leaps from the windowsill.

Over time, we will introduce various characters and heroes in the world of Puzzle Quest 3 in these short story segments.