[Connection issue] Unicornicopia broke PQ3

I was curious and looked around the new adventure this morning to see what the parameters and rewards are. When i backed out to leave the game froze on Xbox.

Now, when i try to restart, i get the generic error message “failed to connect to the servers” on all devices. Please help!

My wife is sitting beside me playing just fine, so something is broken specifically with my account.

Now i no longer get the error message, but the game crashes on launch on console and hangs on mobile

It is working again, so maybe just a server restarted somewhere…

I feel like I get that message about once a week. Sometimes the first or second try and it works just fine, other times I wait and come back to the game in 10 minutes.

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A common issue, from time to time I get it. Sometimes it is just momentary but other times it has left me out of the game for a long time.

Can only take a small disconnection to our live servers for this error to appear, it is not related to the Adventure - it is a connection issue, sounds like specifically in trying to connect via Xbox Live :thinking:.