[CONTACT SUPPORT] restart!I can’t Play Game With 1.1 Version!

** upgrade to 1.1,and then its always say restart !**

When I want to star game ,it tell me RESTART
IT happen every time so ican’t play game.
My friends in my guild:God Of Wang .they also restart if they tough the SOCIAL .
but,I can create a new account,but when I log into my account, restart!!!And the code is different every time

JACK9288_TMBT. Who invent my ID to your guild,you will also : restart!!
I think somothing wrong in my account.

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Can you send through a ticket to Support (if you haven’t done so already), so we can look into this further for you;

UPDATE; The development team has just looked into your account data, if you force close and relaunch let me know if you are still experiencing this issue? @Jack9288

If you see any new error codes, please attach them though.