Daily Bounty - Not sure which items are accessories and which ones are armor

It would be nice if it was a bit more clear which category each item belongs to. If I’m selecting the daily bounty to add levels to Accessories or add levels to Armour I’m not 100% sure which category the items in my inventory are in. I’m going to guess all the clothing items are Armour and the necklace, belt and ring are accessories? but I’m not sure. Also not sure where the Shield fits either.

Shields are now accessories. You are correct that it’s not explicit on the gear itself which is armor or which is accessory but you can always look at the items Upgrade materials and you will see it either uses Armor or Accessory shards to upgrade indicating its type. Hope that helps.

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There is a little icon on each gear slot, just to the left of the gear score and to the right of the gear set icon, which shows if the item is Weapon, Armor or Accessory