Do not uninstall the game


Hello Adventurers,

Between now and our official world wide release date on March 1st, if you wish to continue playing in Puzzle Quest 3’s Early Access phase, do not uninstall the game.

If an update goes live, be patient and wait for the option to update. Under no circumstances should you uninstall your game attempting to update it.

Now that the Early Access has technically ended, the game has been locked on the stores (Google Play and the App Store) until our official launch date. So if you uninstall now, you will not be able to reinstall before March 1st.

This is typically how the time between an Early Access and an official release work on the stores so we’re unable to change it.


I’ll uninstall when it plops onto Steam. Simple switch of platform, nothing more. I’ll be able to crank the graphics all the way up.

That and on Android I get the slowdown that makes me close out and restart. Steam won’t have that issue due to its servers being more stable.

Since it’s on Steam at launch on March 1, what is the point of this reply?

I’ve been having slowdown issues on Android, and those won’t be a thing on Steam, thus the necessity for the switch.

Yeah this is like 2 months too late for some of us. Already lost a character save in December due to a newer version being released.

Good luck though - hopefully you iron out the bugs in this game and the launch goes smoothly.

Sorry that happened @SALAMANCA SALAMANCA, did you contact our support team? We can always help with account recoveries as long as you already have the game installed. If it’s been uninstalled though that’s the problem :frowning:

I uninstalled the game, because the last update made it unplayable.

@Tavodar were you experiencing technical issues or are you talking about the changes to features and balance changes?

I was talking about the balance changes. But don’t worry, I already uninstalled the game.