Does Master of Arms even matter?

One of the Kingdom titles, Master of Arms, confers a 5% Honor Bonus to the Kingdom member with the “Highest Hero and Citadel Level”. The question is: Does this actually confer a meaningful benefit?

My view is: NO. Having held the title for multiple weeks and having not held the title for multiple weeks before that, I can say that I have never received more than 10 Honor per PVP match. After checking with several people, they have not received more than 10 Honor per PVP match as well. Since we know that rounding is often used in PQ3 calculations, it seems reasonable to assume that any rounding of 5% of the number 10 is downward.

Even if this conferred an actual benefit (which again, I don’t think that it does), my opinion is that the Title should be scrapped. In fact, scrap all the Titles. Go back to the drawing board and come up with Kingdom benefits that actually benefit the Kingdom members as a whole. Too much of the Kingdom setup currently is self-interested when in fact it should provide more group benefits beyond the paltry amount of keys that Crests provides.

I hope that 0.37 has some Kingdom updates beyond the Food Deal issue (Please say there is a fix for the Food Deal issue!). The lack of better Kingdom management tools and more robust Kingdom group rewards needs to be addressed.


It’s still not working.
It should be at least %10 to work (%10 of 10 = 1 honor)

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