Kingdom benefits and obligations?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing Puzzle Quest 3 for a few days now, and I’ve made it to level 13. I noticed that I can now join a Kingdom (seems to be like a guild/alliance). What sort of benefits do the Kingdoms provide? I’ve heard about Crests that can be earned by doing daily bounties. Are these the same bounties as the four that refresh every day, or are there separate Kingdom bounties that must be completed? What rewards do the crests give you?

Along those lines, if you complete all four bounties a day, is that considered decent progress for your average kingdom, or are there other tasks you have to do every day to maximize your contribution?

I tend to play for about an hour a day. I log in when the daily refresh happens, complete the daily bounties, use up PvP tokens, and maybe play about 1/2 of a chapter a day. Approximately how many crests would that generate? That might help me decide if I’m better suited for an ultra-casual no-requirements Kingdom, or one with a minimum crest level per week.

Thanks for any input.

Ok, the tangible benefits from being in a kingdom are:

  1. the kingdom reward mail you get as your kingdom members accrue crests. These are some gold and a key. At least that is all I have seen thus far.
  2. the kingdom titles which give a gold, experience, or honor boost for the week
  3. the kingdom bazaar

Number 3 is not really going to be a thing unless you are in a crazy productive kingdom. Number 2 is the same no matter how intense the kingdom. However, only one person can carry the title for the week. Number 1 is nice little gold bump in a casual but active kingdom.

The intangible benefits are mostly social and educational.

From your play style, I’d say to look for a casual but active kingdom. Those are going to be generally fine with you just doing daily bounties. You can always choose a different kingdom later if you want to play more and get into the bazaar.

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