Environment sound settings

At this point in the game, there are 2 sound volume controls: for music and for the sounds of the game as a whole.
But the game sounds also include sounds outside of combat, sounds of moving/falling/exploding counters - i.e. sounds of game mechanics, sounds of animated characters, sounds of natural environments such as wind, thunderstorms, cave echoes, etc.
In my opinion, it would be great to introduce a separate volume control for each of the last four categories.

Why is this important to me? The thing is that I most of the time I play through BlueStacks on PC, and although I love to hear the sounds of the game mechanics, the sounds of howling wind (which are sometimes very unregulated by the overall volume) literally starts to give me a headache.
The fact that these sounds sometimes do not cease and after the battle I have already written separately: [REPORTED] The sound of the storm
I think that players who play on the phone with headphones as well understand me perfectly.
Personally I have discomfort from these “noises of the elements” is that I sooner or later turn all the sound in the game to 0 to give my ears a rest.
Especially unpleasant to pass the story, when farming dungeons it is not so interfering.

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Hey @Kangaxx

This is a great suggestion.

I often play with game audio turn down to low myself cos I’m sensitive to sound. So having an extra sound slider either for Battle sound or background effects would be perfect.

I’ve shared this with the team too!

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