Game Sound S.E Feedback

Hi Devs and players

I think its great that the Devs of the game are considerate of peoples Phobias this is the first I’ve come across this, so a big thumbs up
I am wondering if the Citadel S.E sound could be swaped out.

I’m Nurodiverse, sound sensitive. I’ve really enjoyed the Music scores throughtout the game, they are what I call Nuerodiverse friendly and can actually help in my destressing wind-down a big reason I play. Huge thumbs up most games aren’t sound friendly at all.
I do have to chosse weapons that are S.E friendly for my heros. For the same issue of Audio Senoray input.
However level 50 log in means you get the Citadel S.E
Metal balls clinking ( maybe to replicate a ballard table game?) Mental on metal Hammer for the Smithery? These sounds are very jaring to any Sound Sensitive person. They are actually stress inducing sounds even if you are not.

Yes I’m aware I can swtich S.E sounds off. However this effects all S.E in game which diminishes the over all gaming experince. Over all the S.E sounds in game are non-problematic. Unlike many other games of this genre.
So after much thought, I thought I would ask if the S.E of construction could be swaped out of the Citadel for a more friendly S.E
For all players who are Audio Senoray Senitive.
In the meantime I’ll continue to stwich S.E on and off
Thank you for taking time to read this feed back.



Hey @Songru

Appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback, I have passed it along to our lead audio engineer!

If you are playing on PC or mobile, could you grab a video recording of this specific sound effect so we can confirm which one it is and where it plays, also then can check where else it plays.


Hi Jeto
Thanks for your quick reply and kind response.
Tried U.L won’t allow MP4 file.

To note the other place this S.E loop plays is within the Seasons Pre realease of chapters Under Construction here is not a major issue, as you can flick out. It really is within the Citadel end of story, I see the issue, as you may be upgrading gear, opening chests etc. I’ve one toon yet to be lvl 50, so swap out so I can do all that. Don’t w8sh to make a Necro, just to sit idle for tjis sort of thing I really dont like necro idea
What code can I implement for MP4 or how could I link to help, help Puzzle quest Dev

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If you can’t attach files here, feel free to send through a ticket and I can pass them along.