Sounds effects questions

I’ve been playing the game with sounds on lately, and while the crashing gems are a lovely flashback to the earlier PQ games, I’m finding some of the “hit” noises are … not so pleasant. I’d love some variation, or an easy way to keep the gem sounds but not the grunting.

On to details.

First off, the female shaman sounds like she’s enjoying being beaten up far, far too much. I get that it’s hard to make a good grunting noise (more on that later) but being slugged shouldn’t sound pornographic. Am I the only one who hears this? Most of the other grunting is, well, grunting, but hers sound way more like moans.

Secondly, there’s little variation in hit noises that I’ve heard. There seems to be little hit, big hit, dead noises. When a fight goes on and on for several rounds, especially in a pvp mirror match, hearing the same grunt a dozen times in a row is painful. It’d be nice to get some additional variations, maybe “ow!” Or “gah!” Instead of just “ungh!”. I understand that there’s only so many ways to make a pained grunt, but there is possible variation, and I’d appreciate it!

Finally, many of the monsters sounds less than scary. They’re supposed to be big beasts, but the griffons, for one example, sound like a pissed off parrot, not something I’d run from in terror. I don’t know if it’s pitch, tone or something else, but I know it must be possible to give them SFX that match their appearance.

EDIT: Why does the wolf bark when it does the howl power? Why doesn’t it howl?

I know this is low priority, but what else are the forums for. :wink:

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Totally agree. Particularly:

  • Female shaman and female assassin hits are too sexual-adjacent
  • Female necromancer is just… really kinda odd to the point of comical
  • Centaur hoof noises are comical, and death sound is, again, too “sexy”
  • Every character/enemy has too few sounds they cycle through, especially since the same PC/enemy combo usually means the same hit type received by the player, repeatedly, with the same resulting sound, repeatedly

In addition, balance for the the voices and the sound effects seems really off to me. The non-voice SFX are SO. DAMN. LOUD. It would be nice to be able to control the voices and the SFX independently from each other.

No hate intended to the folks who recorded these voices, but… add more budget, and if you don’t have a sound director, please get one. :slight_smile:

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After coming across a female shaman in PVP on day 1, I immediately rolled my own. Don’t ever change this :joy: