[Fix incoming] Softlock when salvaging locks you out for 30 minutes

This has happened to me when salvaging a chest and also when salvaging an item. I click salvage and nothing happens within 30 seconds so I assume the game has soft locked. In the past it was no problem. I’d force close the game, reload it and continue. Since 1.5.5 (possibly since 1.5) when I do force close the game I am greeted with this upon reopening the game.

The same thing happens every time I start the game for 30 minutes until the battle times out. I tap the screen and it just shows victory. If I leave it on the screen for victory for minutes nothing happens (I trimmed this video). After 30 minutes - restarting the game it loads to the main screen.

I had the same issue yesterday night. I salvaged a gold chest and then I got a notification of a server problem. Restarting the game put me in exactly the same situation as described above. I did not checked the time needed to work again, I just left it for the night until this morning.

It may be similar to this other issue.

Hey all,

This is linked to an issue we were already working on a fix for, when you exit and relaunch the game it gives you a soft lock.
Fix is on the way!

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