[FIXED IN 1.1] Killing blow with spell on Imp freezes

Android 11

Steps to reproduce:
Do a killing blow on the imp using a spell freezes game. This happens all the time. Resetting the game fixes this issue.

Hello @Madnezz119 ,

Can you share some more information on when you are experiencing this, so we can attempt to reproduce what you are seeing?

  • Is it occurring in only specific game mods?

  • Does it depend on where the Imp is in the enemy queue? For example, always when the first enemy, always when the last, or it makes no difference?

  • All spells or only specific Spells? Also only on one specific Hero or all Heros?

  • Are you getting any error messages as well?

Currently attempting this with my Necromancer against the Imps in Chapter 13 Skirmish and have yet to experience a game lock after defeating them. They are also the first enemy in these battles.

This happens to me frequently, including just now to confirm it was still happening:

I typically have seen this happen when running dungeons, specifically dungeon 5. I have had it happen on 3 different characters and it usually happens after i cast a spell so it is possible that it is a spell that result in a “killing blow”. No error messages; just hangs.

I don’t have a screen, but I have also seen this issue a few times. All of my experiences where whilst using Paladin in dungeons V and VI.

  • I can only recall it happening in dungeon. I’ll try in skirmishes this weekend for you.
  • It does not
  • I’ll try to be more observant, but I think it’s spells + chip damage
  • No error message

The above screenshot is from steam, but i’ve had it happen on Android. The observed behavior is the the UI drops as if the match was over, but the Imp doesn’t fall over dead.

I normally notice it in the dungeons since i encounter the imp more frequently there.

I notice the imp bug ocurring before altar rewards.

It always happens after i nuke the imp after the imp has already been damaged. It may not happen from “killing blow” and it doesnt always happen either.

Ive gotten an error message only once but i didnt get a screenshot. Usually the animations keep going and the game hangs. When i reset my game the imp is usually alive again.

The imp cleanses itself of debuffs with trick and then i recast my savage juju and the imp survives while i see the chest reward icon give me credit for defeating the imp so maybe it has to do with trick?

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Thank you everyone for sharing some more detailed information, I’ve passed it all onto the team!

Also @Madnezz119 for the error message and videos.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

In my experience this happens when imps are low, but not when they ACTUALLY die. My “workaround” is to try to keep them above about 20% life until I can ensure they’ll die to a spell before casting it for the killing blow.

Also it sometimes happens after my cast/match, and other times after their cast/attack, but I don’t think I’ve experienced it whilst imps have more than about 20% life.

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Hey all,

Just jumping in for an update, the team has currently committed a fix for this issue and is in the process of testing! :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Any new news on this? And it is not just imps–the game stops responding on killing blows for multiple mobs. I have had this happen 4 times within the past hour.


Sorry I missed this thread when I was updating another, fix will be going out with the 1.1 update!

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And when is this update…
Fingers crossed

@Mythos we will actually have an official announcement for v1.1 coming soon :sparkles:

Im scarred by these two words after playing this game for over a year.

P.S. This is now what I actually look like after waiting for things in this game :wink:


@Jeto Is Facebook the source of official news now? or maybe it’s Twitch?


Thanks for the heads-up on this, Sibellos.

99% chance I would have missed this stream otherwise on such short notice.

Guess that answers the question from yesterday on whether or not today was update day or not.

Post was coming to the forums as well with the same news, but the social post ended up going out last night before I was off for the day.