[Fixed in 2.4] Dungeon info causes lockup

To recreate. Go to dungeon fight and click on the present icon to brong up the dungeon info. The crystal and relic spots are blank, so I assume there is a break in the access of that info.

Tested on Android and Steam

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Ah this is one I reported just before 2.3 went live so a fix couldn’t go into this update - but I’ll chase up an ETA if possible.

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Posted in the title a while back, but just confirmed as fixed!

As you can’t see what the prizes are in each dungeon, if it were possible to post a list here in the community of what can be found in each dungeon, that would be very useful. If access was done through the “Adventurer’s Guide” even better

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This crashes the game on PS4, and you have to reload. Everybody is just pestering @KenpoKid69 for info on which dungeons include which items.

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This is what a player with a month or less sees in Dungeons

As mentioned, this is fixed in 2.4

Hi! Do you have some guide which we can use to see dungeon rewards while waiting for fix?