[Fixed in 2.4] Game Freezes, Eveline tutorial

Every time I try to see the prizes in Dungeons the game freezes, that happens since the begining. Eveline starts to talk doing her tutorial but never advances

Hey, sorry that’s happening!

Could I please get some more info from you?

  • Your name code (found at the bottom of the in game settings menu)
  • Which platform you’re playing on (PC, Playstation, Xbox, Android or iOS?)
    * If you’re playing on mobile, what kind of phone or tablet are you playing on?
  • Which Dungeon does this happen in? Is it all Dungeons or only one or some specific ones?

Could you also please provide a screenshot when the game is frozen?

@Kafka I believe the dungeon issue he’s referring to, has already been reported. [Fixed in 2.4] Dungeon Morsauloth Rewards Bug - #2 by Jeto

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I am grateful for your answer, meanwhile I saw that this problem is under you care. Although is annoying it does not affect my game experience. Thank you and best regards

KenpoKid69 via Puzzle Quest 3 Community <notifications@puzzlequest3.discoursemail.com> escreveu no dia quinta, 28/09/2023 à(s) 17:47:

Ah you’re right! Thanks