[Fixed in 2.4] Dungeon Morsauloth Rewards Bug


When you press the reward section before starting the game on Dungeons of Morsauloth it keeps loading and you can’t go back to the game anymore. You have to force quit the game.

I thought it might be a server issue and waited for a couple of days but it is still the same.

And tried it on different dungeons too and it is also the same issue.

Saying that I only wanted to check if it had a Royal relic in the rewards which it had before but now Relic and Crystal boxes are empty. They look empty because no chance of getting relics anymore or as it cannot finish loading, that’s why the boxes are empty?

Don’t wanna play hundreds of games if there are no relics in the chests.


This is a known issue that was reported just before 2.3 was released, so it was too late to get the fix in.

Nothing had changed for the Dungeon as to what rewards they give, this screen is just broken at the moment.