[FIXED] Possible Spell Bug Grim Scythe

Android, Samsung Galaxy A02s and operation system
Eg, Android, Samsung Galazy s8, Nougat

Says Deals damage as dark however I see it triggering as Fire damage, extra damage against poison enemy’s no extra damage vs Light. Thought it was just a weak spell at first until I fought a light then poison enemy back to back and noticed the affects triggering wrong.

I think that Grim Scythe doing fire damage is a good thing. Necromancers have many options for dark damage already. Consider changing the spell description to say it does fire damage instead of fixing the spell.


Thanks for posting this! I’ve tested this on are end and the spell is dealing Fire damage. Grim Scythe should be dealing Dark damage and not fire. I’ve reported this to the Dev Team so this can be fixed!

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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