[COULD OTHERS PLEASE WEIGH IN?] Assassinate Spell Bug - Enemy resurrects and must be killed a second time

Platform, device and operation system
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Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android 8.1.0

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
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I was expecting the Assassinate ability to instant kill the enemy. It did, but then they pop back up and I have to kill them again.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?
I have been able to repeat it several times consistently

Steps to make it happen again
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Get an enemy down to under 25% of their health and cast assassinate. The bug appears if the instant kill ability is triggered, not when the enemy dies to shadow damage.

This seems like a bigger bug, so I’m surprised this hasn’t been reported more? Could some people weigh in and let me know if they are also experiencing it? I want to figure out if it’s a bigger bug with the Assassinate spell, or potentially an interaction with a weapon, etc.

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Happens to me too! In fact I can reproduce it pretty regularly.

I’m playing Necro class, using a Warlords Battleaxe. This only happens with the Assassinate hits (when the insta-kill part gets activated).

Thank you for corroborating. I too found it extremely easy to reproduce. And it only happens when the extra ability procs.

I’m guessing it hasn’t been reported more because 1) there are a LOT of spells out there, so few have it and 2) it’s a pricey spell, so few would use it.

Instead of being ASSASSINATE it’s more along the lines of REANIMATE.

Assassin’s Assassinate spell is the weakest of the 5 level 50 hero spells. It is so weak that Paladin’s level 20 spell is basically Assassin’s level 50 spell (which ALSO has a game breaking softlock as already reported here, making Assassin the only class without a proper high damage spell since they are all not functioning).

The main issue with Assassinate is the spell is a low damaging dark spell on a class who whole premise is to boost the damage of dark spells. Often Assassin’s damage with Assassinate is already higher than the kill threshold for the spell due to dark damage boost, essentially making the spell an over manacost poke with no secondary effect.

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As a dedicated assassin player I also feel it’s unnecessary to place any pure damaging spells into my spell slot…
We already nuke for thousands of damage via spells that ALSO provide secondary effects, so we never carry spells that only do damage and killing things, that’s why we cant figure this bug out.

IMO shadow blade and assassinate should be remake into a new effect to make it attractive.