Co Op Instant Kill Spells

Hey everyone,

We are currently aware of an issue that is affecting Co Op battles, in which when casting a spell that instant-kills enemies can cause the game to error and force restart.

An example is the spell ‘Assassinate’.

Also, I’ve created a Known Issue article for this, so there is no need to submit a ticket.

At this stage, a fix will be coming in v1.2 and the team is working on a temporary fix in the interim.

But once I get any further information I will update this thread.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


thanks for the update, Jeto!

I have been doing some community service and running public co-ops to get some chests for people and ran into this a lot lately. It feels like it is a race condition when two players kill the opponent at the same time. I was grouped with an Assassin at the time so perhaps they just used an instant kill spell. Perhaps this would help determine that:

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