[Investigating/more info needed] Parties are Unstable and Frustrating!

Ok, Since the gear update, my partner and I have been doing a tremendous amount of L100 party farming dungeons for mythic drops. We each have around 20 new mythic pieces of gear since patch, so that gives you a sense of how many runs we have done.

Most of our group play is on Xbox, but occasionally also on PC when travelling. There are a number of persistent party issues that make play very challenging currently:

Already reported issues:

[[Reported] Game freezes in Coop (Android, Dungeon 1, Transition to last enemy)]([Reported] Game freezes in Coop (Android, Dungeon 1, Transition to last enemy) - #2 by Kafka)

  • This happens to me on Xbox too when 2 players “end turn” at the same time and the mob dies. We’ve started telling each other when we are going to end turn to avoid this since we play side by side.

[Coop teleporting you to lobby](Coop teleporting you to lobby - #4 by Jeto)

Issues I do not see a bug report on:

Xbox crashes during spell casting:

  • This doesn’t happen all the time, but I generally encounter it 3-4 times a day. The app on console crashes completely, and you cannot rejoin the game until the battle ends. This is particularly frustrating if you are partied with underpowered people who cannot win, as they don’t always know that they have to retreat. This has made me walk away from the game and go play something else. I’m writing this post right after it happened in fact. One of the humorous aspects of this failure is that when you are trying to reconnect, PQ3 gives you the message “Your internet appears to be low quality” which is hilariously inaccurate. I normally get this message while streaming my favorite shows on the next screen. It is not my internet! Hopefully these crashes are reported and aggregated to the devs so you can see where it is happening somewhere in this codepath.

An Error has Occurred:

  • Occasionally we encounter this where you get an error dialog and the entire party crashes and needs to be reformed. This is less frequent (maybe once in 3 days?). I can collect screenshots of the error message if it will be helpful to someone investigating. This is less impactful, as you can log back in right away and reform the party and get on with it. It’s still a bug though.

My network for reference…


I’m sorry for the issues you’re having in co op :frowning:

Could you please share the error code you receive here next time this happens? I’ll just confirm it is this same issue, or if not, if there is an open bug report for it and ensure those reports are up to date for the team.

This is still on our list but we’ve had trouble reproducing it at all. I’m going to roll my sleeves up today and try to do some testing on it and update the bug report to see if we can get any movement/progress.

This actually sounds like the first issue you mentioned without the error code.
Could you please tell me your Xbox invite code or your partner’s (whoever was the one who actually got booted?), also if you have a rough date for when this last occured on the account it will help us check if we can find this in the logs.

Is this an error like RE-QWERTY ? or is there any other text in the error message?
It should help if there’s any details like that in the error message if you can grab those details if it happens again.

Thanks for taking the time to not only write these up but even to link back to existing bug reports that may be related - I know these sorts of errors are incredibly frustrating but you came here to write it up anyway so it’s much appreciated!

Hi Kafka, thanks for following up. Apologies for the late response. I’m not paying attention to the forums that much!

My Xbox invite code is KESTREL_IOUR. The silent crash happened twice this morning to me (May 10) at 8:37am CET and again at 9:01am CET. It seems to happen more frequently to me than my partner, although we play the same class with similar gear.

I haven’t had the error message happen in a while, but the next time it does, I will capture a screenshot and share it here. I don’t know what a RE-QWERTY error message is.

This just happened to my partner and I at 6:07pm CET today May 11.

The game then quits for all members of the party and we have to reform when you log back in (the old party is gone)

This morning, we reproed all the issues in under an hour:

We crashed the whole party at 7:44am CET

I crashed individually (no error message) at 8:04am CET. This is where you can’t rejoin the game until the battle is over.

I got stuck in the death animation at 8:35am CET and had to wait for the fight to be over to be able to retreat back to the lobby.

Thanks for grabbing these photos, these codes are bringing up two different errors - so I will pass them on to the team to investigate the cause.

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Small update, the first of the two errors you posted - is an issue with a fix in 3.1

Following up still on the second error - did anything weird happen before that second crash, that you remember?

What kind of details would be helpful? We were doing a Level 100 party with random people. I forget which dungeon specifically, but if there are details that would help in the future I can pay more attention. We have this happen regularly.

I assumed that the error code was simply a logging ID to help finding the actual error in the logs. If it is representative of the actual error code in question, I’ll collect more of them for comparison.

On my silent crash, I’ve noticed that this happens to me a lot more frequently than my partner. I am starting to suspect that it has something to do with my play style (again, we play same class with similar gear) I am admittedly a bit of a button masher in coop, as I like to be fast, so that might have something to do with it. I don’t even match gems once my super is up, I just cast 4 spells in succession and end turn, but I’m constantly getting the popup “can’t cast spell right now” because I’m pressing A on the next spell repeatedly while I wait for animation.

The error code itself is greatly helpful but knowing any actions or what happened before the error appears helps understand what has triggered the error - which the code on our side does not show.

Also, your account data logs that I have access to (different to the log the devs can see from your error code) will only show a battle started and nothing more.

So if you can run through the actions taken in that specific battle, it’s a start.
For example
1. I created a party and invited X
2. I select Y difficulty and Z Dungeon

If there is anything that stands out, like there was weird lag before the error, a gem was locked when it shouldn’t be or anything weird about the enemies actions - also great information.

When I have my personal crash, it is always during the animation for casting Gravedigger. That’s likely a huge clue! I normally see the column start to explode, and then the game crashes out to the home screen and I have to restart.

I haven’t been able to establish if it is related to my button mashing or not yet.

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