[CO-OP ISSUES, WORKING ON A FIX] Selecting battle in a party freezes game for 20 minutes

Platform, device and operation system
Samsung S10 5G

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was in a party with another player. I then selected Portal of Blood, difficulty X dungeon. When I exit out of the battle selection screen, I get an infinite spinner in the bottom right hand corner. The game is then entirely frozen and I’m unable to take any action.

This happens fairly often (I’d say once every 3 or 4 times I host a party).

Force quitting and restarting the game always results in the following screen after the game loads and logs into my account:

When I encounter this “brown table of death” screen, I’m unable to do anything (i.e. the game is completely frozen).

I have tried everything to restore the game to a working state: deleted cache, deleted data, uninstall and reinstall the game, download partial and full upon reinstall, restore my account upon reinstall, use new account upon reinstall and then restore my account.

Nothing works client side. Only time seems to fix the issue. After waiting about 20 minutes, my account will go back to normal.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
See above.

Steps to make it happen again
Invite player from friends just to join party.
Select Portal of Blood dungeon and max out difficulty.
Intermittently, see the infinite spinner in bottom right hand corner and notice game is frozen.
Force quit and restart game.
Notice weird brown table view, and that game is still in frozen state.
Wait about 20 mins.
Force quit and restart game.
Notice game is back to normal.

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We are working on some co-op issues, so when we release these fixes hopefully that will also resolve this issue.

Any news on co-op bugs resolution?
With the new bump in difficulty, being able to play parties would be nice.

Seems like 2 members is ok but as of 3 we start getting collateral server issues.

Is anyone still experiencing this specific issue still since 36.1?

@Levy can you attach a screenshot of this error the next time you see it occur, or if there is an error message along with it?

Sorry @Jeto , I haven’t had much time to do parties lately with the daily tasks taking so much time.
Tried again today. Party of 4 in a level 50 dungeon. 1st try crashed.
then we tried level 55 and it worked. not sure if the level actually affects the bug or if it’s just random. I’ll try to test some more.

Here is the SS of the error message

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That is really appreciated @Levy , thank you.

I updated this report with your new screenshot.

Awesome thanks. Looks like co-op could be a lot of fun now with the increased difficulty.
Would be nice if it was fixed so we could enjoy it.
I always loved that game mode but it was not presenting any advantage until now as we could have runs on our own faster than in co-op.

Love to hear any more feedback you have & suggestions for Party, @Levy! There currently is a little thread here discussing it - Party Battles --- Why?

But we are currently investigating the issues within the Party game mode and working towards a fix!

@Jeto just a follow up on this thread to mention that we ran a few dungeon parties today in my kingdom. 2 members parties were fine as usual but as soon as we were 3 we started getting the collateral server issues.

It happened about 3 times in 20ish runs.

Hey again,

It appears this is still being investigated by the team.

Did you happen to get a screenshot of collateral server error?

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

I did not this the me as it was collareral error I assume ot was the same as I sent before…

Not a problem! As mentioned, this is still being investigated and I have re-raised this on my report.

The code at the start, helpful for everyone, is individual to every specific instance.

So if we ever are asking for a new screenshot, it’s just so we can have the most updated data of that persons game state.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: