[REPORTED] Error code during party play

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Samsung Galazy s10, Android 11

During party dungeon, will often experience error code.
Only experience it during party

Steps to make it happen again
Start dungeon or skirmish battle in a party

I really don’t know why they made coop questing a regular challenge considering the game mode has been broken for as long as I’ve been playing.

I think if 4 people get into a party to do a dungeon, if one person even looks in the wrong direction it falls over. Surely that should have been the focus of fixing before trying to get more people to try the mode and have it fail.

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Hey @noobiesheep

I’ve added your example to my initial report on this issue.

Do you happen to know if anyone in your co-op squad got this error but with “RE-” at the start instead of CE-? If not that’s totally cool, this error alone is enough to pass on to the team too.

If you DO! though, and they did get the same error with RE- at the start, any information they have on the action taken beforehand would be super helpful.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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This has been reported many times and is super easy to replicate. Co op or partyode works if only one person hits and the others do not play. With two people it sometimes crashes, sometimes works if both play. But three or four usually crashes if more than one person play. Just try it out if you play the game @Jeto

Each error code is specific and individual each time it occurs
Unfortunately, while I would be able to replicate this issue, it is potentially from different circumstances to those another player’s party experienced.

Often if we are jumping in asking for updated error codes, or confirming them, it’s for this reason.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

@jeto i will see if there is any, will upload if there is. As of now, it happens almost once everytime we play together.

@Jeto ,

Should I start posting some co-op error codes for the team to review again? Lyranica and myself generate at least a few of these every night we play co-op. As others have mentioned, playing in a party of 3 or 4 is pretty much a guarantee of a crash occurring on that run.

Hey @Lyrian

Always appreciate your (and Lyranica’s) reports & feedback, at this stage, I have gathered a couple for the initial report.
But in this case, was more confirming and comparing if what @noobiesheep was experiencing (error wise) is in line with the previously submitted reports.

But thank you again!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Hi @Jeto ,

Posting a secondary reference for you for your initial report, if you need it. We received both types of errors on tonight’s session.

No gear or spell changes between either of us since before 0.39 launched. Ran Bridge of Mornath for tonight’s runs.

May I ask, is this the first time you / the devs look at this Bug?

I just wondering why this particular thread was noticed and none of the other times this was reported.

Maybe there is a similar issue with the kingdom issues or the food issues that were posted so many times but never responded to? Was the format of the other reports not right in some way?

Hey @Elric

I had previously mentioned in my initial reply to this new thread, that I’ll be adding it to my initial report on this issue.
This has been reported previously and any latest reports from players are added to any existing reports in case there is any new unique information :sparkles:

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Hi @Jeto

Attached are the screenshot

The above are when we are doing 4 men party

The above are when we are doing 3 men party

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I did some investigation on this and found that one of the causes was a SequenceID desync. After playing dungeon party of 2 for awhile, one of the devices will randomly encounter a sequenceID XXX != YYY exception Inside PuzzleGame.SequencedExecute.Execute(). I checked PuzzleGame.SequencedPuzzleGameActions list for the PuzzleGameActions’ sequenceIDs and it seems there was one missing and there were a few in the wrong order. If I killed the app on the device where the desync happens and restart the game, the other player wont get any error and we were able to finish that dungeon instance.