Party Battles --- Why?

Serious question. Why do party battles? I’ve done a handful of them and after doing them, it left me wondering what the point is. I wasn’t able to see anything the other party members were doing, so it’s not like we were interacting. It seemed like the game scaled up the number of enemies based on the number of party members, so it didn’t seem any quicker or easier than just soloing a dungeon/skirmish. The rewards didn’t seem any better.

Aside from everything mentioned above, it was also a major chore just getting through a dungeon with all the bugs associated with party battles. In one stretch, I think we completed 1 of 5 battles. The other 4 out of 5 had at least one person, if not everyone get kicked out of the game or their game froze or something happened so we couldn’t complete the dungeon… sometimes after defeating 6 or 7 enemies. Since there is no way to get back into the battles where you were, it’s just lost time (and resources?? Not sure if it took our gold for Empowerment or if we got that back).

It was so frustrating and so time consuming, with nothing at all to show for it (rewards stunk)… it seriously left me wondering why anyone does it. I could have soloed 3 dungeons in the time I finally completed 1 with a party. Also, in some attempts, party members died, and it seemed like I had to kill more guys than usual. I was assuming I had to finish off what they were not able to kill. So those rounds actually took longer than if I soloed a dungeon.

Someone help me. There’s got to be something I’m missing. Based on my experience, I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would attempt to endure the bug riddled party battle system when it appears there is no benefit (or extremely small benefit, to the point of not being able to notice it) over just soloing dungeons yourself. What am I missing? Please tell me it is not just the small bump in XP and Diamond chest chance.

Version 0.34 party battles weren’t too bad for diamonds back when doing tier X wasn’t that accessible. They are really bad value currently as the rewards are too low and every version has made it more unstable.

Also, you can see ally damaging numbers. Personally is one of my favorite features if they would up the loot and fix the stability.

Something like higher relic chance from group dungeons and higher exp for skirmishes.

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I appreciate the response. As I stated, it is a sincere question. I started playing under 0.35, so I’ve never experienced Party battles that seemed to work. I remember seeing health go down on enemies and assumed it was probably my other party members attacking. But it was so glitchy and laggy, that I wasn’t sure if there was any rhyme or reason to it. Like taking turns or aiding others with buffs or healings or something. It’s just a complete black hole when it comes to information about party battles. No information about how the mechanics work or what to expect. Several times I wondered if I was crashing the Party battles by attacking too quickly. It often crashed when I killed an enemy.

I’d also love to see them incentivize the Party battles. Give us a legit reason to do them. I like the idea of improved drop rates for relics and glyphs. The most important thing is getting it to work without crashing. Then they can add some bells and whistles.

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Just speaking as a human, I don’t ever get in on PvP gameplay. Which would be a normally kind of social thing to play (to an extent).
I have tried out Party a couple of times with friends as an alternative!

What other feedback do you have, outside of better rewards, on how to make Party seem more enjoyable? And make you want to jump in for a few battles with friends.

Private lobbies, currently all are public.

Unique gameplay, currently it is near identical to normal gameplay.

Weighted rewards, currently someone that does 75% of the work gets same loot as someone that does 5%.

Unique chests, currently it is just the same loot as everywhere else but slower.

Bot filling, so that not all 4 spots need to be human to get the full 4x reward.

Default chat to lobby chat while in a lobby.

Make some of the support spells in the game target entire party rather than just the user.

Same chest rarity, as in everyone gets the same chest reward. As in if a diamond triggers, everyone gets a diamond, but contents of diamond is different.


I like most of your ideas. I don’t personally would want a weighted rewards system though.
It’s supposed to be co-op so I wouldn’t want to fight with my friends for higher rewards.

Some fixed rewards similar to the challenges for co-op could be nice.

Some additional achievements for co-op could make players want to play them more too.

Maybe party could be one big boss that we would all need to co-op to beat. Either in real time or having people hit the boss at their convenience (although that might maybe be a better idea for kingdom projects maybe :woman_shrugging:)

Coop already has weighted rewards now. A death halves exp gained. I mostly meant this in a way that goes even further than this, effecting just gold and exp, not the chest nor other rewards.

Oh! Yeah i had misunderstood then.

I do like the fact that more experienced players can ‘carry’ lower level players to get rewards they still don’t have access to at their level.
We’ve used it in the past to help players finish bounties for the enemy types they had not unlocked yet so it was nice.

After running a few more parties today with friends of a lower level, it reminded me how much the 0 mana on death and not having full life is annoying.

I don’t know if there could be a better way to address that as it usually leads to deaths on loop being one-shot.
We have to try to set up some kind of stun on the board through the deaths (and longer and longer timers) just to be able to make a come back.