Feature Request: Improve switching between Party and Solo Battles

I usually play a lot of party battles and switch between co-op with friends and solo play.

One particular thing, which would improve the usability by far, involves removing the barrier when switching away from a party battle: unless you actively leave the party in the party screen, you are unable to start a solo battle. Which is fine, as you might still be in queue with others and the obvious reason is to prevent people from starting solo battles while other players wait for them.

But instead of showing:
“Leave your current Party to start a single-player battle. [Okay]”

It would be really good to say:
“Leaving the Party”
“You are currently enrolled in a Party. Do you want to leave the party and start a single-player battle? [Yes / No]”

Sometimes, the group disbands and you are the only person left. You assume that you can now play on your own. So you switch to a single-player battle, re-equip your gear, start the battle and are prompted with the Error message. Now you have to press Okay, then go back (from single player battle), select Party, then Leave, Accept the “do you really want to leave the party?” dialog, go back (from party screen), select the single player battle and start the battle.

This involves 8 clicks instead of just saying “yes, please let me leave the party and start the single-player battle”.


Great idea. Hopefully they pick it up.