Feature Request: Improve switching between Party and Solo Battles

I usually play a lot of party battles and switch between co-op with friends and solo play.

One particular thing, which would improve the usability by far, involves removing the barrier when switching away from a party battle: unless you actively leave the party in the party screen, you are unable to start a solo battle. Which is fine, as you might still be in queue with others and the obvious reason is to prevent people from starting solo battles while other players wait for them.

But instead of showing:
“Leave your current Party to start a single-player battle. [Okay]”

It would be really good to say:
“Leaving the Party”
“You are currently enrolled in a Party. Do you want to leave the party and start a single-player battle? [Yes / No]”

Sometimes, the group disbands and you are the only person left. You assume that you can now play on your own. So you switch to a single-player battle, re-equip your gear, start the battle and are prompted with the Error message. Now you have to press Okay, then go back (from single player battle), select Party, then Leave, Accept the “do you really want to leave the party?” dialog, go back (from party screen), select the single player battle and start the battle.

This involves 8 clicks instead of just saying “yes, please let me leave the party and start the single-player battle”.


Great idea. Hopefully they pick it up.

After my hopes were shattered that Patch 2.0 would introduce some love for Kingdoms, Friends and Party mode, I’d like to push this back to the list of feature requests, which are very easy to implement but would ease the mind of those players enjoying playing in a party. Even though I know that playing in a party is not worth the time and effort, it is still part of the game. And while I enjoy playing with friends, it is really annoying that you are forced to switch back to the party screen to leave the party after playing.

Maybe you can help me, @Jeto? I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: Thank you!

Mentioned in the stream, may have missed in my Stream recap notes - but we are looking to make some improvements to Co Op & Party mode in the future as Co Op and Citadels I believe are some of the last areas of the game that have remained unchanged since we went live.
We will also be releasing the Roadmap at the end of the week which will give everyone an idea of what we will be working on this year.

In the meantime, I had passed this feedback on originally - but when we are more focused on any co op/party updates I will pass this on again.


Hey Jeto,

because you mentioned Improvements to Co Op & Party mode and the Roadmap: the current Roadmap does not include anything on these changes. Can you maybe post an update on the Roadmap and include the Party mode somewhere? :wink:

As the patch 2.5 introduced a new (and very nice!) party screen, I’d like to bring this back into focus.

Also, I’d like to add that currently, the party screen is the only battle screen in the game, which does not let you adjust the gear/spells (manually, not counting changing the Loadout). In this case, it means:

Party Screen → Battle Screen → Home Screen → Gear Screen → Home Screen → Battle Screen → Party Screen

forcing really a lot of clicks to check the gear and adjust it.

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So… it’s been 1 year since the Stream recap notes and the Roadmap and I probably somehow missed the updates on Co Op and Citadels. Instead, first the Spell Rework went live, now the the Gear Rework is close and the Follower Rework has been announced.

→ Any plans on fixing the Party mode? ←

I know, I am probably one of the few people still playing it, but it really is annoying with the artificial lag (do try to run it in timer mode and prepare to cry out in desperation), the gem duplication/stuck bugs, and the amount of clicks required if you want to switch gears/spells or forget to leave the party and want to play solo, …

Just asking for a (still worthless) friend… :wink: