[Reported] Party: opening chat makes you retreat from battle

Recently I have observed a new issue in party mode apart from the crashing errors. Sometimes when a member of the party opens the chat while in battle, that member is kicked out of the battle and a “X has retreated” notification pops up for the rest of members. You go back to main screen, but you are still inside of the party, as if you had retreated voluntarily.

I know that it has happened to several people apart from me, and all agree that it happens when opening the chat while in the party battle. Additionally, it seems it does not happen if you are the leader of the party.

Could you look into it, please? It is not a big issue but I do check the chat a lot during battles (difficult to believe, I know :joy: ), and it becomes annoying when I am kicked out of the battle for doing so.

Thank you very much for your time and help.

Oh dear, if you happen to grab a screenshot or a video that would be excellent.

I’ll get on testing myself in the meantime and let the team know.

Also, what are you playing on @HigureTheStillWind ?

I blabbed constantly during battle in global and party chat with no issues today :wink:

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Android 12, POCO X3 PRO

Today I did some party battles to try to reproduce the error but nothing happened, it worked well. I will try to test it as much as I can and get some videos to have more information on it.

Yesterday I did some further trials, and the issue happened again twice. Once when the battle started while I was on the chat and stayed there, I was taken out of the battle as soon as the first enemy appeared. The second when again I started the battle in the chat, leaved the chat before the first enemy appeared, and then went back into the chat again. here you have the screen recording of the second:


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Thank you for the video and the detailed repro steps @HigureTheStillWind I’ve passed these onto the team for further investigation.

Is there anything on this? While doing parties I have seen dozens of players “retreating” due to opening chat, only the party leader seems at no risk of being kicked from the battle when doing so. Not a top priority bug, but quite annoying nonetheless.

Thank you for your time and hard work.

I reraised this with the team, as we almost weekly have been playing co-op to work on testing the issues we are investigating.
Also, to see if anyone else in the dev team has luck reproducing as when I have been attempting myself I can’t get it to trigger the retreat,

But definitely still on the radar amongst the other co-op issues we are looking into!

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