[Reported] The chat in Party crashes the game

Here is a bug I got in Party some hours ago.

When in Party, and you are not a leader, you press “Ready” button and open in-game chat (with 3 tabs) while waiting for other party players to be ready. This is supported OK; the chat is closed 2 seconds after the battle starts. But if you write something and are quick to send a chat message during these 2 seconds after the battle starts - the game crashes.

The game crashes only for you in this case, not for your buddies. And you can’t start the game until being kicked from the party, because it stucks forever on trying to return you into the party battle. After you are kicked from the party, you may start the game and even get a chest from that battle you were excluded from on crashing.

I remember this bug in the Playstation version since the beginning.

I hope you have enough information to reproduce and fix it. Thanks.


Just to add to this, you can chat in party chat just fine when not on a active mission, but once the dungeon or skirmish is active, if you go to the party chat it can crash the game on PS4.


@Magian Good call Im suprised this hasnt been reported. Been a thing since day 1

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I reported something similar in a long ago post, but it seems it hasn’t been fixed yet. I was wondering if I should bring it back. Thanks @Magian for doing it.

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Was anyone able to grab a screenshot or video of this occurring, going through the old initial report from myself it appears we weren’t able to reproduce this issue?

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Would that be because yalls are devs and have a certain type of server access? “just curious” …it practically crashes everytime for everyone else

This is incorrect as we also have our own personal accounts, as well normal PQ3 accounts we test on and were not able to reproduce this experience. These are all on the same servers you play as.

If I’m ever asking for a video or a screenshot it is either because a player is experiencing an issue in that moment and they are able to reproduce it consistently
Or because we haven’t been able to create the issue ourselves, on the same server you are playing on.

I personally don’t have a PlayStation so I cannot test this myself when I am WFH - and I am not in the office myself at the moment to be able to load up on one of the office consoles

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The devs need to give jeto a ps5


Ok another thing i was wondering when we crash it asks if we would like to attach clip does that not work?.. Because its impossible to attach a crash clip without streaming it or capturing with capture card. I figured it was always pointless but still do it.

I’m not to sure Sony’s post-clipping features, but if you can get a video off your PSN and link it to a ticket then it would always be helpful.

What is not helpful is the Sony error prompt to send an “error report”, this is not connected to us at all, think that goes to a Sony void of tracking.

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When crashed, I reported this bug using Sony Playstation dialog to report crashes, and attached the automatically generated video to it. Sony is supposed to share these reports with the app developers. Are you sure you don’t have access to all these reports?..

I have sent you videos of this issue through a ticket. I am quite sure it happens in quite different scenarios, but the only one I have been able to reproduce is the one reported in the ticket:

Have a party with at least 2 players. The non-leader player enters the chat. While in the chat, the leader starts the party. Then, if at any moment in the battle the non-leader player enters the chat again it will be forcefully “retreated” from the party.

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We were able to consistently reproduce the “teleport” from the party battle to the main screen for non-leader players when they write in chat. This is shown for other players as “ThePlayer retreats”.

But it is possible to get crashes too, just not consustently.

I have never experienced a crash due to chat. Only the forced retreat.

+1 on Higure’s report here. I have been experiencing this repeatedly with my partner while we play coop battles. Only the leader can chat reliably, which defeats the purpose of having chat in a party.

It is not a crash of the game, but a “player retreats” message that everyone else sees, and the chatting player is moved back to the lobby and misses out on the loot from the round.


No further reports needed for this one :sparkles:

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