Spell Damage appears diminished

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Using fire spells in skirmish, expected predictable fire damage

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Noticed it after 38

Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?
Consistent, also happened with poison against Kor opponents. Are they poison resistant?

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Someday I’ll learn how to put pics in the right order. Sorry. These pics show expected damage and actual damage.
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Blue mana enemies take extra damage from green and take less damage from red. Red mana enemies (ex: Kor enemies) take more damage from blue and less damage from green. If you look at the enemy thumbnail in the top right there is a green up arrow and a red down arrow. You can click on the thumbnails for more detail, also.

Understood. But there is no inference that “red” gems means red spells, or that “green” gems means green spells. Is that the definition? Or do the yellow spells that do fire damage count as red spells for your purpose? There is no obvious one-to-one correlation in the description, and if there is one perhaps it could be included there? And should I infer that using green spells against Plague mobs will give them mana same as green gems?

Doing the calculations, this fire giant seems to have poison resistance, or damage is bugged. Fire Wasp also shows the same resistance to poison.

Edit: just attacked a Hill Giant, damage comes out correctly. He was followed immediately by a Fire Giant with the incorrect damage same as above.

Update, should a mini Boss have poison resistance? Green gems do normal damage, poison spells have reduced damage (he is withered and poisoned)

Ya… its not documented well in the game. Other than one of those little hints you get while loading things. But each class has a color they do extra “elemental” damage to and a color they do less “elemental” damage to. I put “elemental” in quotes because they have specifically used that term in various patch notes. This just one of many instances of poor word choice, both within the game and in official communication here in the forums.

Originally, this bonus worked both ways. The enemies did more “elemental” damage to YOU if your color was weak to theirs. Since the enemy does not match gems, it was not referring to matching color gems. In patch 37 they changed it so only players have adjusted damage output.

Basically, I’m saying it’s not a bug but you are certainly correct that it’s not documented well… at all!

Thanks. Do you know the answer to the question I asked in addition? If they take less damage from red gems, do they take less damage from red spells, or is it just taking less damage from fire spells instead?

From what I understand it is actually the damage type that is affected. So if you have a yellow spell that does fire damage that spell would hit green enemies harder and be weaker against blue. What I’m NOT clear on right now is if all of those spells are intended. I think there is even still a spell that says it does one type of damage but does a different type. heh

Spell damage is also reduced in PvP, I can’t find any reason. These are fire spells. I haven’t done the math, but it’s about half damage despite a poison increase.

Fire spells suffer elemental weakness vs blue enemies. Color of PvP opponent is determined highest equipped mastery (Credit to @Tresk for correcting this for me). You can see the “color” of the enemy by looking at the diamond with the enemy level next to the health bar).

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Thank you Sibelios! (And Tresk) I also notice that the Sacred Flame is counted as fire and not as yellow (light) so now I wonder how melee spells are counted. But I understand that spells aren’t colors, but instead are effects.

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